Octopizzo unleashes video for ‘Toboa’

Octopizzo, one of Kenya’s finest rappers and member of the YGB-Crew, unleashed the video for this track ‘Toboa‘ (Feat. AnteNeosoul). The Hip Hop track is a heavy critique of Kenya’s corrupt political leaders, who let their voters suffer while they ‘show of their bellies in parliament‘. It’s great that Octopizzo provides the english translation for his Swahili/ Sheng rhymes and makes it thus understandable for a global audience. Here are just some extracts of this socio-political lesson for Kenya’s political elite:

In the parliament they wear bling, they have become common punks / they buy their degrees to cheat us and claim they are educated / Mr. Honourable, I don’t have time to honour you

They promise security/ I don’t see it / they promise free education/ I don’t get to go to school / they promise free education / I am sick but I never get healed


Octopizzo  *-*  ‘Toboa‘ (Feat. AnteNeosoul)

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