Chashe releases debut album ‘Dhi’

Chashe, the new rising Zimbabwean Afropop star, released her debut LP ‘Dhi‘ today. After the prior release of the catchy lead track ‘Dhi‘ Chashe shows us on her album how diverse Afropop can be. It is amazing with what ease Chashe jumps between English and Shona language and ‘Western’ and ‘African’ sounds. Her artistry takes the form of a musical chameleon that changes its appearance and succeeds to blend perfectly in a multi-cultural environment. The cover art visualizes perfectly this united diversity.

This mix seems to be the result of her diverse influences: “I grew up listening to Oliver Mtukudzi, Bob Marley, Destiny’s Child, Brenda Fassie. What I gravitate to now is a real mix of things, and what all these artists have in common is the ability to get a crowd dancing till they drop, as well to provoke thought and awareness about important social issues.”

Dhi‘ is an excellent feel good album with an uplifting spirit. It is the latest example of a new African sound that is being explored and invented by artists like The Very Best, Baloji, Just A Band or Petite Noir.

Stream the songs for free on Chashe’s homepage and also make sure you download the lead track ‘Dhi‘ for free there. You can buy the full LP on itunes. On the same day of her album release she also dropped the video for her ‘Azonto‘-track, the first Shona-Azonto track ever. The song features Kenyan singer Wambura Mitaru as well as artist musicianApes. It will definitely make you try dancing the Azonto, the popular dance from Ghana. Watch the video below:

Chashe  *-*  ‘Azonto‘ (Feat. Wambura Mitaru & musicianApes)


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