Afrolicious Mixtape

This is the right treatment to start the new week in a smooth way. San Franciso based band/ soundsystem/ party-series Afrolicious provides us with a wonderful mixtape of smooth Afrobeats/ Afrofunk. The mix features excellent edits/ remixes of Afrobeat tracks. It starts softly with Malian dub and ends with the energetic voice of Femi Kuti. Enjoy! See below the track list.

1. Dub For Mali Afrolicious
2. The Lagos Communique Thievery Corporation
3. Mi Swing Es Tropical Nickodemus
4. Divinorum (Quantic remix) Ocote Soul Sounds
5. Maria Jose (Toy Selectah Remix) Fedeico Aubele
6. La Primavera Ocote Soul Sounds
7. 2 Sips and Magic (Thomas Blondet and 2nd Sky remix) Nickodemus
8. 10 Miles High Thunderball
9. Macaco Novalima
10. From the Rooftops (Afrolicious Edit) The Funk Ark
11. Promises Are Never Far From Lies (Rob Garza remix) Am & Shawn Lee
12. N’Dini Nickodemus
13. Wrong Way Alley (Fort Knox Five Remix) Chris Joss
14. Mirkin The Mystic Ursula 1000
15. Thursday Night Swing Afrolicious
16. Vampires (Afrolicious and Rob Garza remix) Thievery Corporation

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