‘Iinkomo Beatbox Remix’ – The Soil (Feat. Zakwe)

The incredibly soulful acapella trio The Soil is getting more and more popular. Their self-titled album ‘The Soil’ has now reached Gold status after more than 20 000 copies of the album have been sold. Again, they have announced that they will perform at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York in 2013 before touring the United States.

Recently they have released their first music video by visualizing their piece ‘Ionkomo Beatbox Remix’ which features South African rapper Zakwe. It’s a beautiful video in which you can see the three band members and Zakwe sitting in front of a movie screen in a cinema, watching a movie in which a young man tries to reach his dream girl. But there is only one (huge) barrier: Her father and this mister does not value character but number$. Watch the video to see how the story ends:

An entertaining, funny and love-ly video. Simply beautiful! We yearn for more videos from The Soil.

(Note: If the video is blocked in your country please install Youtube Unblocker to unblock the video. You can then watch the video on youtube. If THIS doesn’t work, please comment. We will find a solution.)

The Soil  *-*  ‘Iinkomo Beatbox Remix‘ (Feat. Zakwe)

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