The Very Best – KEXP In-Studio performance

I know it’s the second The Very Best post in a row but I really wanted to share this one with you. The Very Best staged a wonderful live performance for US radio station KEXP together with Seye, performing several songs from their latest LP MTMTMK and KEXP uploaded the complete performance!

Performed Songs:
Yoshua Alikuti

Besides talking about the origin of the band and their latest LP, Johan Karlberg reveals what the abbreviation MTMTMK actually means: More To Malawi Than Madonnas Kids. They were not allowed to call the album this way. According to Kalrberg, it’s a critic against the minor knowledge that many people have about Malawi, most of them actually associate Malawi only with Madonna adopting children there.

The Very Best & Seye  *-*  Live In-Studio Performance (Live on KEXP)

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