Introducing: YGB (Young, Gifted and Black)

When I posted about the artist XTATIC recently I have mentioned that there are a lot of new Hip Hop artists coming up in Kenya. Here is another act, called Y.G.B. (Young, Gifted and Black), which proves that there is something like Hip Hop revolution ongoing in Kenya. Y.G.B. is actually a Hip Hop conglomerate consisting of many young rappers that have bundled their talents (Octopizzo, Slumdawg, Virus, Mistake, Freddy Yaberdoo, Chucho, MC Left Arm, Rizzler, Curls, etc.). Founded three years ago, they were already invited by various institutions and media stations in Nairobi, including the Goethe Institute to perform their songs.They have now released a high-class video for their song ‘Better Day‘ which features the rappers Slum, Virus and Freddy Yabadoo. In the song they highlight the struggle of the daily hardship of Kibera residents who hope for a better day to come.

We see that there is not only new rap music coming from Kenya but also increasingly sophisticated music videos. New standards are being set here.

Y.G.B.  *-*  ‘Better Day‘ (Slumdawg, Virus, Freddy Yaberdoo)

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