Lagos soundtrack by Jusi I Love

Lagos, the bustling economic centre of West Africa is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is obvious that is has a very dynamic art scene, which is proven by the uncountable Nollywood movies and many songs that are produced every day in Lagos. I put up a selection of four songs that are dedicated to the ‘Centre of Excellency‘ (that’s how car plates are labeled in Lagos).

First ‘Lagosians‘, which is the debut single by newcomer Slim T. His ode to all Lagosians was visualized in a very entertaining video. The second song ‘Made in Lagos‘ was created by Aduke and is about the dreams as well as the hardship that Nigerians associate with Lagos. Then comes Afrikan Boy, a London-based Nigerian rapper who has already collaborated with many international acts, including M.I.A.). In his tune ‘L.A.G.O.S. town‘ he is showing us his Lagos-pride. The last video is reserved for the Godfather of Afrobeat himself, Fela Kuti. In his track ‘Confusion‘ he lets us know about traffic in Lagos:

Moto dey come from-u North
For Ojou Eelegba (road in Lagos)
Moto dey come from-u East
Moto dey come from-u West
Moto dey come from-u South
And police-ee man no dey for center (not directing traffic)
Na confusion be dat ee-oh”
* (car)

Slim T  *-*  ‘Lagosians(H/T: THIS IS AFRICA)

Aduke  *-*  ‘Made in Lagos

Afrikan Boy  *-*  ‘L.A.G.O.S. Town

Fela Kuti  *-*  ‘Confusion

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