Okayafrica – Africa in your earbuds #26

Yesterday OKAYAFRICA has released its 26th version of their Africa-In-Your-Earbuds series. This time the mix was put together by Ben Assiter (Drummer in Jame Blake’s band). In this mix he shares his passion for African music with us, a passion which made him even travel to Mali and Senegal.

In this mixtape he presents to us a very interesting and diverse mix. It includes the classic Kenyan ‘Paulina (Pt.1)‘, modern legends like Toumani Diabate from Mali and Thomas Mapfumo from Zim and also Owiny Sigoma Band (a wonderful collabo between artists from UK and a Luo band from Eastern Kenya). You can also find some Africa influenced acts from London. Enjoy listening. Okayafrica invites you to download the tape.

Here the Tracklist:

Jarabi – Toumani Diabate [MALI]
Sanu Maakaan – Guelewar [GAMBIA]
Xale – Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck [SENEGAL/GERMANY]
Little Big Or Small – United Vibrations [UK]
Gone With The Sun – The Wings [NIGERIA]
Red Storm – Ruby And The Vines [UK]
Paulina (Pt. 1) – Orchestra Les Wanyika [KENYA/TANZANIA]
Biannual Coffee Cups – FUR [UK]
Butsu Mutandarika – Thomas Mapfumo [ZIMBABWE]
Odera Lwar – Owiny Sigoma Band [UK/KENYA]
Let Me Love You – Bunny Mack [SIERRA LEONE]
Stay Up Zimbabwe – Brother Valentino [TRINIDAD & TOBAGO]
Last Chance Dub (Joe Ariwa feat. Annie Brown) – Val Veneto [ARGENTINA/UK]

Source: Okayafrica

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