“Tuvuke”-Campaign in Kenya

As promised some posts ago, I will present to you examples of Hip Hop artists that try to shape politics and society in their country. The first example comes from Kenya:

Tuvuke-Peace-Tour is a campaign in which young Kenyan artists tour through Kenya and promote peace prior to the coming General Elections in Kenya. After the last General elections in 2007 Kenya experienced its worst outbreak of violence since the country gained independence. Acknowledging what has happened during the Post-Election violence, this campaign intends to promote “peace, responsibility and empowerment amongst the youth across the nation; equipping them to shape the future“. They use music and story-telling as means to preach peace to their young brothers and sisters. Inspiring! Keep it up Tuvuke!

The campaign is starring Kenyan artists Eko Dydda, DJ Touch and Kris Ehh Baba.

Watch here the first two sessions in Meru and Mombasa as well as Eko Dydda’s peace embracing song ‘Beautiful people‘.

Tuvuke Tour  *-*  ‘Meru

Tuvuke Tour  *-*  ‘Mombasa

Eko Dydda  *-*  ‘Beautiful people

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