Introducing: Cr3w Teflon

If you are throwing your bars in such a chilled manner on Common‘s beat and you’re standing on one of Nairobi’s tallest towers … and you’re just 17, people should start getting attention and listen to you. Here is a newcomer in the Kenyan Hip Hop landscape: Cr3w Teflon. The group was formed in 2011 by Ben Vic (Hilly), Timmy Tim & Bior (Dinka) and Singer/Lead Vocalist Kavi.

Read here their self-concious manifestum: “We wanted to take it to a whole other level- take South Sudan to Brooklyn and hold our own; bring Kenya to Paris and still pass the message” says Hilly. … Originally recording at Phoenix Records, the talented teen group has branched into music with a positive influence to change youth mentality and prove that armed with heart and a will, anyone can achieve greatness.”

Their song ‘Children’s anthem‘ is released by Island Def Jam and they will soon release the video. Til then, we can watch their videor for ‘Kilimani Barz‘ or listen to Kavi’s solo ‘Losing You‘. All in all, a very promising Hip Hop group from NBO!

Cr3w Teflon  *-*  ‘Kilimani’s Barz

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