Introducing: Aduke

Aduke is definitely one of the most promising Nigerian artists. In January she captured the frustration of a generation in her song “Hear the voices” which became one of the soundtracks of the Occupy Nigeria Movement in which hundreds of thousands Nigerians came out to protest against the removal of the fuel subsidy and the corrupt elite. Read here Aduke’s motivation to write the song:

For me it was a moment to express long felt pain, I come from a neighbourhood where people can’t sleep at night when it rains because of flood. People fill bad roads with dirt to level it up and make it pliable! My environment writes my story. Hear the Voice is the voice of millions of Nigerians in unity. I sang the song to express the feelings of those who have no means to express themselves and struggle to get by everyday.” (S: Belinda Otas)

Aduke has since been in the mind and ears of the people. Besides the protest song, she has released three excellent tracks which show her enormous talent, making her a nominee for the NEA Awards in the category Best Indigenous Artist. She is currently working on an LP and we can’t wait to hear more songs.

Here, first the video for her famous protest song ‘Hear the Voices‘ and then her melodious song ‘Made in Lagos‘ in which she deals with ural-urban migration in Nigeria. Listen also to her other two great songs ‘Leke Leke (Prayer for Nigeria)‘ & Far Away’

Aduke  *-*  ‘Hear the Voices

Aduke  *-*  ‘Made in Lagos

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