Afrikanized Kanye West songs

kanye west2Here are nice examples of how some Kanye Wests songs were remixed by African artists. At first, Nigerian Bola Adeniyi & Tobi Adedayo turning “N***** in Paris” into “Nigerians in Paris“. Then a remix of “Power” by South African Rapper Tumi Molekane with an excellent video. And finally a remix of “Runaway” by The Very Best and Macc Mello.

(Note: If any of the videos is blocked in your country please install Youtube Unblocker to unblock the video. You can then watch the video on youtube. If THIS doesn’t work, please comment. We will find a solution.)

Bola Adeniyi & Tobi Adedayo  *-*  “Nigerians in Paris” (N**** in Paris Remix)

Tumi Molekane  *-*  “Power (Remix)”

The Very Best  *-*  “Runaway (Remix)” (Feat. Macc Mello)

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