Introducing: Okmalumkoolkat

Okmalumkoolkat is a South African rapper we should get used to. This guy is currently crafting some of the most interesting and experimental African hip hop products.

In the project Dirty Paraffin he is partnering with rap colleague Dokta Spizee. Their sound has already attracted attention from outside South Africa and I think we will soon hear Dirty Paraffin’s Friday night hymn “Papap! Papap!” outside South Africa.

Here the recently released “Sembeza“, in which Okmalumkoolkat is featured and “Papap! Papap!

LV  *-*  “Sebenza” (Feat. Okmalumkoolkat)

Dirty Paraffin  *-*  “Papap! Papap!

(H/T: Tayo)

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