Introducing: Native Sun

I truly love this group’s ambition. Native Sun‘s artistic aim: Promoting a positive message of Universal Peace, Equality, Social Justice and Environmental Change. That’s what the world needs, Wonderful! The duo consists of Mozambique-born rapper Mohammed Yahya and Sarina Leah who has Caribbean roots. Musically, the London-based duo fuses Hip Hop with African rhythms. “Gallery of Dreams” is a soulfoul Hip Hop piece packed with inspiration for all the youths out there who want to pursue their dreams.

“…  and if you fall down, you have to rise up again. It’s time for a change. Shake off your fears and replace them with faith. Strife for perfection at your own pace …”


Check their album “Indigenous Soundwaves down here, right after watching the video.

Native Sun  *-*  “Gallery of Dreams


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