African Shakespeares

Poetry is an universal means of expression and has many forms and faces. Hip Hop artist Rabbit uses it in his new piece ‘Swahili Shakespeare’. Here the Kenyan Shakespeare raps in Sheng (the melange of Swahili and English) and takes us to the top of Nairobi. Hint: At 2:40min, you can see graffiti art by Boniface Mwangi (and colleagues) that gained worldwide popularity because of its social messages and open criticism of Kenyan ‘vulture’ politicians.

The second video is a beautiful piece of poetry by Senegalese artist Keyti that deals with the daily hustle of Senegalese youths. Here, he drops powerful lines, like “What dignifies a man if not the ability to be independent“. It was produced by Nomadic Wax, a US social enterprise that aims to create cross-cultural exchange and to increase awareness of global issues.

Rabbit  *-*  “Swahili Shakespeare

Keyti  *-*  “Poetry in the Street (Dakar/ Senegal)

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