“The African Cypher” Documentary

african-cypher-online-posteBrian Little directed “The African Cypher“, a powerful documentary about street dance groups in the townships of South Africa. It intends to change perceptions about the energy, creativity of youth in urban spaces in Africa as it challenges the general pictures of gangs, violence, hopelessness being the most powerful elements of the daily lives of many youths in South Africa. According to Brian Little the statement they wanted to voice out is: “The stories we want to hear as a western audience do exist here – The hopelessness, drugs, violence, poverty and broken homes; but to dwell on it would be a disservice to every aching muscle and screaming heart that dances.”

The trailer gives you a taste of this creative energy, born in violent circumstances, able to transform young lives. I hope this documentary will go a long way.

If you want to get to know more about the documentary, read Okayafrica’s interview with the director Bryan Little.

(H/T: Okayafrica)

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