Amadou & Mariam’s new LP “Folila”

Amadou and Mariams’ new album “Folila” is really great … This song here, “Wily Kataso“, is a collaboration with Tunde Kyp of TV on the Radio. The LP also contains collaborations with Santigold, Theophilus London, etc.

Amadou and Mariam  *-*  “Wily Kataso” (Feat. Tunde Kyp of TV on the Radio)

And here “Dougou Badia“, the collaboration with Santigold:

… Abdallah ag Oumbadougou, a Touareg singer from Niger, is another artist that is featured on Folila. Here is a track from Abdallah ag Oumbadougou:

Abdallah ag Oumbadougou  & Desert Rebel  *-*  “Tasbikt”

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