Cameroon independence day

On last sunday Cameroun celebrated its independence day and thats a good reason to remember the nice music that came and is still coming from this country.

Cameroun is the cradle of Makossa music and the musician who exported it most successfully was Manu Dibango. This musical genius succeeded to mix and play makossa, soul, reggae, funk, jazz … continuously re-arranging and re-inventing sounds. He once said about his love to create music: “When different aesthetics meet, when traditional and contemporary Africa mix, who must take the first step? I like arranging, I’m in love with timbres, with mixing them, in love with the languages of these local musics. It’s a language of initiation into a culture, a part of Africa, but not the whole world. The sonorous beauty of this language is so alive that it needs to be rerouted to widen it for a larger audience. That is what I have tried to do with this album, made up of a strong group of singers and a more secret alliance of sound?” (Manu Dibango, Trois kilos de café)

Mano Dibango  *-*  “Soul Makossa

And here two other great artists from Cameroun: Francis Begey and Eboa Lotin

Francis Bebey  *-*  “Agatha

Eboa Lotin  *-*  “Da Longo

…. et bienvenue au Cameroun musical d’aujourd’hui:

Ayriq Akam  *-*  “Bienvenue au Cameroun”

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