“You’ve never known joy if you’ve never had to suffer”

I don’t even know where to start describing M.anifest’s lyrical skills. Listening to M.anifest his flow makes one think this Hip Hop game is so eeeeasy. Multiply … Conscious rap x seemingly endless flow x Ghanaian baseline x brilliant lyrics = M.anifest (that’s how I enjoy mathematics).

This is one of my favourite African Hip Hop videos from last year (Can’t think of any rational reason why this one has less than 30,000 plays). M.anifest released his third studio album, Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America, in September 2011. He is one of those artists that actually communicates with his fans on facebook

M.anifest  *-*  “Suffer

There’s something unusual and beautifully strange about pain
Tell me what’s sun without rain
Give up my dreams for comfort and cream?
Thanks for the offer, but I’d rather suffer 

*-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*

DJ Juls created a GREAT remix of some of Manifest’s nicest tracks. Grab it for free on Soundcloud.

h/t okayafrica

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