Just A Band  *-*  “Usinobore”

There are only a few music groups that actually succeed to mesh  different sounds together … and make it sound like one. Just A Band’s first LP “Scratch to Reveal” revealed a complete new sound to the world. It made a lot of people thirsty for more … and the 3 Kenyans did not let them wait for long. “82“, their last LP, was a continuation of their musical safari. I’m interested what the next LP will offer … but until then we can enjoy pieces like “Usinibore“.

According to their (fictional) band biography the band came into being like this ….

“Dan had just returned to Kenya from three years of travelling with a Touareg caravan led by Hazim Barghai, the 17th Mendicant Designate of Nubia (now deceased). He had long resolved to join the Brotherhood of the Nubia, and one day become a Designate, but a mishap during a routine exorcism (the massive crater thus formed remains a tourist site) left him hankering for peace and normalcy. While trying to settle back in Nairobi, he found work restoring old comics at the Azim Used Books Store. Bill had no idea where he came from, having spent 13 years of his life under hypnosis. He came to his senses sometime in 2002, finding himself living in an abandoned convent in Limuru …” (more)

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