‘Alkoan Baladi/ الكون بلدي’ – Débruit & Alsarah

Alkoan BaladiThis is surely one of the most interesting musical projects of this year! Sudanese artist Al Sarah is pushing again the boundaries of musical imagination. The artist – known from The Nubatones, The Sounds of Taraab and her contributions to ‘The Bead‘ – has now teamed up with French sound engineer Débruit, to create the eclectic Sudanese sound project ‘Aljawal/ الجوال’ (The Traveller). The project started some time ago as Al Sarah writes: “A few years ago I met Débruit and we wrote a song together, inspired by Sudan, but a child of our global experience.” We will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of this collaboration.

The LP will be available for purchase on November 11 2013 but the first released song ‘Alkoan Baladi/ الكون بلدي’ gives us an idea of the amazing sound we can expect from the album. Pre-order your copy of the LP via Soundway Records.

Débruit & Alsarah  *-*  ‘Alkoan Baladi/ الكون بلدي’

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