Asa unleashes video for ‘The Way I Feel’

Asa - The Way I Feel7

Asa - The Way I Feel4

Asa - The Way I Feel6Asa‘s fans had to wait one and a half years to see another video of the Nigerian artist but finally it’s here. After her last colourful video for ‘Why Can’t We‘ she toured the world to promote her LP ‘Beautiful Imperfection‘. Now she presents us the visualization of her jazz song ‘The Way I Feel‘, which is one of the songs from her album that sounds a bit heavier and darker.

The video takes place in a hospital and shows Asa dressed as a nurse and those people who lay injured in the hospital. Although it might not be a very spectacular video – it’s very calm and slow – it succeeds to express the self-reflective lyrics of the song. Here, the nurse seems to embody the frustrating helplessness that one can hear in Asa’s song. Although she knows how bad the world is and despite the fact that she might know the cures, she feels powerless and hopeless. Watch the video below:

“I feel like I’m not the only one who’s frustrated
I feel like something’s going wrong
I can’t escape it
I feel like the destinies of those meant
To be the best
Are in the hands of liars now the world is on fire”


Asa  *-*  ‘The Way I Feel

(Note: If the video is blocked in your country please install Youtube Unblocker to unblock the video. You can then watch the video on youtube. If THIS doesn’t work, please comment.)


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