Introducing: Michael Kiwanuka

Blues/Soul/Folk-singer Michael Kiwanuka has only released one LP but is already touring the world with it. His first LP “Home Again” received tremendous attention and he was even invited to play in the Letterman Show as well as many different festivals worldwide.

He was born in London to Ugandan parents who fled the Idi Amin regime. In an interview with AfriPOP he talked about his Ugandan background:


And you speak Luganda?
Not very well. I speak like the level of a toddler. I mean I can speak some stuff and get through a basic conversation. And I can basically talk to a toddler and tell them to be quiet if they annoy me. But If I go to the village I can’t because it’s too fast and too deep for me.
So you’ve been to the village?
I’ve been three times but I haven’t been in the last six years, since like I was eighteen. My grandmother is still alive and it’s great she has her own place. Everyone always cooks outside and stays outside until the sun goes down and I love it. There are no real front doors. And my grandmother lives on a rough road that is very bumpy, so they use these motorbikes called “boda bodas”. It’s just a very good vibe. It does get boring though because I don’t know Luganda and I can’t get involved, but if I did I would spend more time there because it is just very natural.
Are you looking to tour in Africa?

Yeah, we were in fact talking about that earlier actually.


Here a video of three live performances: First “I’m Getting Ready” in the Letterman Show, then “Lasan” for the Wood and Wires-Series and finally “Tell Me A Tale” live at Soundscapes:

Michael Kiwanuka  *-*  “I’m Getting Ready” (Live at David Letterman Show)

Michael Kiwanuka  *-*  “Lasan” (Live for Wood and Wires Series)

Michael Kiwanuka  *-*  “Tell Me A Tale

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